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If you don’t want to work as a player in Omi88 Poker, you can search for another bright career related to this world too such as addiction counselors.

The Requirements to be Omi88 Poker Addiction Counselors

When you are interested in becoming addiction counselors, you just need to know the requirements because this job is different from regular counselors. What you need to deal is those who are addicted in agen live casino . Of course, a minimum of bachelor’s degree is needed in social science.

What You Need to Be A Omi88 Poker Addiction Counselors

You also need to take the training program in some states in US to be qualified as the counselors for gambling addiction. During your training, you will get certificates or licenses for your work and you can get serve the addicted patients with the right therapy sessions to suppress the addiction in betting.

When you talk about salary, it can be different. It is based on your level from the entry level to the professional level. If you have experience in dealing with Omi88 Poker addiction, then you can make more money than the beginners. Most entry level counselors will search for the way to move up better so they can earn money more than before