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Recirculation of Draft EIR and Updated Plan – February 2015
Notice of Availability
Recirculated Draft EIR   Appendices
Mobility Plan 2035 Feb 2015
Mobility Plan Mobility Atlas Feb 2015
Dept of City Planning webpage link to view documents
Plan Documents for City Planning Commission – November 2014
Plan Amendments for CPC Nov 2014
CPC Staff Report Nov 2014
Updated Mobility Plan 2035 Nov 2014
Updated Mobility Plan Map Atlas Nov 2014
Complete Streets Design Guide Nov 2014
Mobilty Plan 2035 Draft and Draft EIR – February 2014
The Mobility Plan 2035 Draft and its Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) are now available for download. In addition, the Complete Streets Manual and Mobility Atlas, which are components of Mobility Plan 2035, are also available for download. These documents can be found on the Department of City Planning’s website as well.The launch of these draft documents marks the start of a 90 day public comment period from February 13th to May 13th, 2014.
Plan Information Pamphlet
Mobility Plan 2035 Draft (PDF)
Draft EIR – Mobility Plan 2035
Complete Streets Manual (PDF)
Mobility Atlas (PDF)
Comments can be emailed to or mailed to:
Los Angeles Department of City Planning c/o My La
200 N. Spring Street, Rm 667, MS 395
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Workshops and Public Hearings – February 2014
Seven meetings will be held to receive feedback on the Draft Plan and Draft EIR. Please view the flyer for me details:
Planning Forum Flyer
Complete Street Photo Simulations
Enhanced Network Maps and Redesignated Arterials Map
Transportation Metrics
EIR Overview Board
Meeting Materials:
General Plan 101
Bike Plan Info Sheet
Street Classifications
Action Plan Programs Packet – August 2013
The program prioritization exercise (Online Town Hall voting) is also available offline. You can print out the Mobility Element Action Plan Programs PDF packet, review and prioritize the programs by category, and submit your responses via email | or mail to:
Los Angeles Department of City Planning c/o My La
200 N. Spring Street, Rm 667, MS 395
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Mobility Element Action Plan Programs Packet
Action Plan Programs – see below to download each category separately.
Action Plan Programs – organized by category
The Action Plan is a chapter of the Mobility Element and consists of programs that will help carry out the goals and policies of the overall Plan. The programs adopted in the 2010 Bicycle Plan are also integrated into the Action Plan because the Bicycle Plan is also a chapter of the Mobility Element. You can download a complete list of programs by category, (updated on a weekly basis):
Analysis (PDF)
Data (PDF)
Communication (PDF)
Education (PDF)
Enforcement (PDF)
Engineering (PDF)
Funding (PDF)
Legislation (PDF)
Maintenance (PDF)
Management (PDF)
Operations (PDF)
Land Use (PDF)
Planning (PDF)
Public Space (PDF)
Schools (PDF)
Parking (PDF)
Support Features (PDF)
Revised Enhanced Network Maps – July 2013
We have come up with a revised set of maps based on comments received on the proposed Enhanced Networks (BEN, TEN, VEN). The proposed Network Maps include 2 scenarios of enhancements along the same routes, that vary in the degree of treatments being proposed.
Bike Enhanced Network BEN (Scenario 1)
Bike Enhanced Network BEN (Scenario 2)
Transit Enhanced Network TEN (Scenario1)
Transit Enhanced Network TEN (Scenario2)
Vehicle Enhanced Network VEN (Scenario1)
Vehicle Enhanced Network VEN (Scenario2)
EIR Scoping Meeting Materials – April 2013
Download the agenda, presentation slides (PDF), and informational guides for the EIR scoping meetings on April 16 and 22:
Meeting Agenda
Presentation (PDF)
Pedestrian-Enhanced Districts (PEDs) Information Guide
Bicycle-Enhanced Network (BEN) Information Guide
Transit-Enhanced Network (TEN) Information Guide
Vehicle-Enhanced Network (VEN) Information Guide
View our presentation boards showing the Mobility Element Update timeline and a summary of what we’ve heard from the community so far:
Project Timeline and Summary of Comments
Notice of Preparation (NOP) of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Public Scoping Meeting – April 2013
Download the flyer:
EIR scoping meeting flyer
Review the NOP of an EIR for the Mobility Element Update. You can download the PDF document and maps here:
Notice of Preparation (NOP) of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
Map of arterials to be studied
Pedestrian-Enhanced Districts (PEDs)
Bicycle-Enhanced Network (BEN) Scenario 1
Bicycle-Enhanced Network (BEN) Scenario 2
Transit-Enhanced Network (TEN) Scenario1
Transit-Enhanced Network (TEN) Scenario2
Vehicle-Enhanced Network (VEN) Maps – Scenario 1 & 2
General Plan Updates Roadshow – April 2013
The City is in the process of updating the Housing Element, Mobility Element, and Health & Wellness Chapter of the Framework Element. For more information, download the Information Guides:
Summary of the General Plan Elements – Information Guide (PDF)
Mobility Element Update – project information (PDF)
Housing Element Update – project information (PDF)
Health & Wellness Chapter of the Framework Element (PDF)
Mobility Element Update – February 2013
We sent out information packets to neighborhood councils and organizations to keep the community updated on the progress of the Mobility Element. The packet includes basic project information, draft goals and policies, and draft implementation programs. Download the information packet here:
Project Info All Goals and Policies Document Draft Implementation Programs
Draft Bicycle-Enhanced Network – January 2013
The bicycle enhanced streets (a subset of the 2010 Bicycle Plan) are 120 miles of on-street bikeways that will be enhanced to provide safe and comfortable travel for all types of cyclists. Check out our blog post  to learn more about the Bicycle-Enhanced Network and
Complete Streets Networks.
Draft Candidate Streets for the Bicycle-Enhanced Network (PDF)
Draft Candidate Streets for the Bicycle-Enhanced Network (interactive Google map)
2010 Bicycle Plan
Draft Transit-Enhanced Network – December 2012
We have developed a draft Transit-Enhanced Network that consists of 230 miles of arterial streets to collectively improve the performance and reliability of existing and future bus service. Check out our blog to learn more about the Transit-Enhanced Network and Complete Streets Networks.
Draft Transit-Enhanced Network (info sheet)
Draft Candidate Streets for the Transit-Enhanced Network (PDF)
Draft Candidate Streets (interactive Google map)
Arterial Street Network (map)
Transit Suitability Analysis (heat map)
Draft Goals and Policies – November 2012
The six goals we have developed for the new Mobility Element, which we have been previewing in our blog articles, are: Safety First, World Class Infrastructure, Access for All Angelenos, , Informed Choices, Clean Environment and Healthy Communities, and Smart Investments.
View the draft goals and policies of the Mobility Element here: