Task Force

To ensure that we reach a broad cross-section of business and community organizations, in addition to residents, we have established a Task Force of approximately 50 community leaders who will meet every few months over the first year of the project. The Task Force will help us evaluate the input we receive from the community, guide us with our future outreach efforts and make sure that we coordinate our efforts with other entities around the region.

The kick-off meeting was on October 11, 2011 where we had the chance to get acquainted and learn about some of the key issues affecting each of the various organizations and agencies represented by our task force members. The March 13, 2012 meeting, following our Think Lab workshops, focused on the development of complete streets and how a transit network might look in Los Angeles. The most recent meeting on October 23, 2012 allowed Task Force members to discuss a working draft of our Mobility Element goals, objectives, policies, and procedures. Check out this blog post to learn more about the concerns and issues that arose at the last meeting.

We have listed below each of the organizations who are participating on our Task Force. If you think that there is an organization that would bring a fresh perspective to our group please be sure to contact us and let us know.

List of Organizations on Mobility Element Task Force

October 11, 2011 Task Force Meeting Kickoff: Agenda | Presentation

December 13, 2011 Task Force Meeting #2: Agenda | Presentation

March 13, 2012 Task Force Meeting #3: Agenda

October 23, 2012 Task Force Meeting #4: Agenda | Presentation