Mobility is a big topic that’s on the minds of many people and organizations today. Below are links to documents and websites to inform the conversation. Draft policies and documents for public review can be found on our Documents page, and explanations of many transportation-related terms can be found on our FAQ page.  Please feel free to add your own suggestions below.
City of Los Angeles Resources:
Los Angeles City Home Page
Los Angeles Department of City Planning
Los Angeles Department of Transportation
LADOT Strategic Plan
LADOT Pedestrian Program
LADOT Bike Blog
2010 Bicycle Plan
2010 Bicycle Plan Technical Design Handbook
1999 Transportation Element
Standard Street Dimensions (S-470)
Street Features Glossary
Walkability Checklist
Urban Design Guidelines (Commercial, Residential, Industrial)
Los Angeles Neighborhood Transit Plans: A project led by the Department of City Planning in partnership with Metro to support vibrant neighborhoods around ten future transit stations along the Exposition and Crenshaw light rail lines. The focus of the Plans will be the establishment of new development regulations that better support transit ridership and promote pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular circulation.
2010 Street Classification & Benchmarking Report: A study on potential new street classification systems to make Los Angeles’ streets inviting for all users including pedestrians and bicyclists, and to achieve multiple mobility, accessibility and environmental goals.
2009 Maximizing Mobility Study: A study funded by the Southern California Association of Governments to develop innovative new mobility strategies to assist in completing the first and last mile of transit trips including short-term car rentals, car-sharing and bicycle-sharing, and creative taxi services.
Westside Mobility Plan: A plan led by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to create a transportation blueprint for the Westside in consideration of multimodal travel, north-south rail connections, and parking solutions.  The project is also updating the Coastal Transportation Corridor Specific Plan and West LA Transportation Specific Plan, both of which include nexus fee updates, and encompasses a Livable Boulevards Study.
Regional Resources:
SCAG Regional Transportation Plan
Southern California Association of Government (SCAG)
South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)
L.A. County Model Design Manual for Living Streets
Other Resources:
CA Highway Patrol Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS)
Federal Highway Administration’s 2010 Conditions and Performance Report
IDTP’s BRT Standard